M&S 006: How to Break Up With a Good Job to Pursue Your Passion



Don’t worry, I already know what you’re thinking. The polar vortex has you questioning why your risk your life the in the treacherous city streets, just to go to a job you hate. If this is you, I’m sure it wouldn’t take too much convincing to get you to leave your job.

But what if you have a good job? What if you work for a billionaire and travel across the world? What if you have a fancy degree that everyone thinks you should be using? How easy would it be to leave then?

In this episode, we’ll meet someone who was in that exact same position, Paul Brunson. Paul, a.k.a. the Modern Day Hitch, left a lucrative finance job to create a business as a matchmaker and he hasn’t looked back since.

Paul Brunson Movers And Shakers Interview with Rob Wilson


In this episode of Movers & Shakers here’s what we’ll cover:

  • The life experiences that led him to  become a matchmaker
  • The bold steps he and his wife took to finance his new career
  • Specific steps to building a business around your passion
  • What he’s learned from working for two billionaires
  • His current favorite social media tool, and what he thinks will be the next big thing
  • His secrets to being happy
  • And much more!

Advice From Paul Brunson

  • Find a mentor. See out successful people in your industry and ask them as many questions as you can.
  • Don’t dabble. Go all in.  You can’t expect 100% results from 50% effort.
  • Read. There is a treasure trove of information from successful people at your fingertips.  You can learn their secrets for less than it would cost to take them to lunch.

BONUS: For those of you who are more visually inclined, here’s the video!

Items mentioned in this episode include: 

Here’s Paul with Oprah Winfrey during the filming of Lovetown USA

paul brunson with oprah winfrey filming lovetown usa own network

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Action Item: Who are the 5 mentors you will contact and what 5 books will you read to become an expert in your niche?

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