MoneyMonday: JP Morgan Chase Loses More Money Than Terrell Owens

Lots of financial tomfoolery last week in money:

JP Morgan Chase makes a $2 Billion trading blunder

Mother of Terrell Owens’ child received $1 million in child support, still wants more money, appears on Dr. Phil show.

Yahoo CEO fired for lying on his resume.

What is the world is wrong with these people? Find out in this week’s Money Monday.

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MoneyMonday – Invest Like a Lady, Spend Like a Man

In his book and new movie, Steve Harvey tells women that they should “Act Like a Lady, Think Like A Man.”

Here’s my take on the topic when it comes to your money. Most of us should Invest Like a Lady, Spend Like A Man.” Check the video to find out why!

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MoneyMonday – So You Didn’t Win the Mega Millions Jackpot…Now What?

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I’m guessing that you didn’t win the Mega Millions jackpot (But if you did…call me!)

Here are other ways for you to get the life you’ve been dreaming about over the last week!

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MoneyMonday – Engineering Your Income

Looking to make a high salary?You would be smart to study STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering & Math). Here’s info on the highest earning majors and why you should pursue them, with an assist from Davita Colclough from the National Society of Black Engineers.

MoneyMonday – How To Make $1Billion in Your Underwear

Women have a number of unique challenges when it comes to money. Here’s how to navigate them.

Learn how Sara Blakely, the founder of shape wear company Spanx, became a Billionaire and 15 women became CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies.

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Think Outside The Office #MoneyMonday

There are skills that you can develop outside of the office that can help to differentiate you and accelerate your career so that, ultimately, you make more money.

I’ve teamed up with The Dance Cafe in Pittsburgh to help teach you one of those skills.  Here are the details:

FREE Salsa Lessons

Tuesday, July 27th


The Dance Cafe, 805/807 Liberty Avenue, Downtown Pittsburgh

Session 1: 7:30 pm – 8pm

Session 2: 8pm – 8:30pm

Here’s a quick preview!