Beyond the Bling part 2 – 50 takes you to (business) school

Whether you like his music or not, it’s hard to argue with Fiddy’s business decisions. I am VERY impressed with this interview. The producers could have straightened out his tie though!

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bigchips says:


Thanks for visiting! It’s great to know that I am reaching folks as far away as Uganda! Yes, I wish more people would pay attention to the business decisions and the hard work that it takes to make these artists so successful.


Susan Naava says:

I’m sitting in Uganda, Africa and stumbled upon your website in the wierdest way! Anyway, I must say this interview is very far from my usual impression of 50. There’s something he said when asked about the former generation of musicians like the Rolling Stones and their quest for fame rather than business and he replied that the popularity you gain as a musician puts you in a position to be the face of your own product. Unfortunately, most of his fans will pick up his latest album that has no such insight or business advice.