Kids and Cash Live – Financial Literacy Month

Theories are great, but sometimes you have to show kids how things work in real life.

Watch as I talk about how to teach kids about money, with a special highlight on the students from Urban Pathways Charter School that shadowed me for a day to learn more about money and career options.

Special thanks to the Heinz Endowments and PNC Bank for supporting the program!

Men of Excellence

 Pittsburgh Courier 50 Men of Excellence Award

This year, I was fortunate enough to be honored by the Pittsburgh Courier as one of its 2010 50 Men of Excellence!  It was a pretty awesome event, held at the Omni William Penn hotel downtown, and I was great to be recognized with all of the other talented individuals!

I was also recognized as the Entrepreneur of the Year by the Pittsburgh chapter of the National Black MBA Association!  There I had an opportunity to meet at chat with CNN Education contributor Dr. Steve Perry.  Listening to him for a few minutes will make you want to immediately run out and start your own school!



The Cake Boss meets…the cake boss?

I was also lucky enough to meet famous entrepreneur and star of the hit reality show Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro when he stopped by KDKA to promote his new book, Cake Boss: Stories and Recipes from Mia Famiglia.

Both of these guys are great examples of what’s possible when you are really passionate about something and you pursue it with everything you’ve got….now go get to work!




Dollars for Diplomas

Unless you get 1600 on the SAT or can dunk a basketball, college probably won’t come cheap.  Here are some ways for you to manage those student loans that you’ve accumulated while working on that degree.

Billionaire Book Club

There are times when you should just get off the blogs, log off of Facebook and pick up a REAL book.  If you want to live like successful people do, you should probably start reading what they read. 

Here’s a list of books that you should find some time to read this fall.  Believe me, your wallet with thank you!

Have You Learned Your Lesson?

Sure, you feel a little better about your money than you did last year…But did you learn anything from the crisis?

If not, listen up!

Taking Care of Mom and Pop

Remember when mom and dad let you back in the house when things got a little rough out there in the real world?  Well, here’s your opportunity to pay them back!

Mom and Pop may need your help as they move through their golden years.  It can get expensive though (hey, it wasn’t cheap to raise you either!), but with a little planning you can make sure that you are financially prepared for it.

How to make $4 billion in 10 months


Warren Buffett’s stake in Goldman Sachs pays off…in a BIG way

Remember when Warren Buffett told everyone in a NY Times OP-Ed that the key to investing is to “Be greedy (BUY) when others are fearful and to be fearful (SELL) when others are greedy?”  Well, I hope you listened.

Buffett famously took a stake in Goldman last September, at just the time when everyone felt as though the economic sky was falling.  Now that the market is in the process of recovering, and Goldman’s stock has shot up, his investment is now worth about $9.1 billion….about $4.1 billion more than what he paid for it in September.

Not bad for 10 months of work.

Read the entire story here

Rob loves the kids!

SAMS presentation

Friday, I had a great time talking personal finance 101 with junior and senior high school students participating in the Summer Academy for Math and Science (SAMS) program at Carnegie Mellon.

Hopefully I gave them a great head start on taking care of their finances.

What do you wish you knew about money when you were their age?

Pomp and Circum$tance

Congrats to all the new grads, and those still working to get there.  Here’s how to get started on the right foot…financially speaking of course.

Kidz And Cash

Here’s how to teach your kids about money…even if you don’t have it all together yet.

…Speaking of kids and money, I couldn’t resist posting this. Keith, how about we start them this early?!!?!?!