Time is Money – A Rob Wilson Original Short Film

time is money cover

Time is money. The sooner you acknowledge that, the sooner you’ll begin spending it wisely.

The only thing that kills me as much as watching someone wasting their money, is watching them waste their time.

See, if you go out and waste a dollar, you can work hard and make it back 10 times. But everyday that you waste is a day that you can never get back.

Here are a few things you need to know about your time, if you truly want to use it to build wealth:

Being “busy” is not the same as being productive.

Are you stuck doing busy work, or are you doing your “life’s work?”

Stop going through the motions!

Spending your time wisely starts with knowing exactly what it is you want to accomplish and why. It’s only then that you can determine the steps that it’s going to take to get there. Without this, you’ll just wander aimlessly through life while helping someone else live their dream.


Create a budget for your time.

You already know that you need a budget for your money. Truly successful people also have a budget for their time.

Use a planner or the calendar app on your phone to schedule the big things that are important to you before everyone else tries to take up those slots. If you don’t schedule them first, they absolutely won’t happen.


No, you don’t need to do everything. In fact, you can’t.

Focus on what you’re truly gifted at, and leave all the other activities to someone else.


P.S. This is also my first short film. Drop me a comment and let me know what you think. Should I do more of these? Let me know!

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