M&S 004: How Swin Cash Bounced Back From Olympic Adversity


No matter how successful you are, the tough times are going to come eventually. For the most successful people among us, it’s how you handle those tough time is what really matters.

In this episode, you’ll get to hear from one of the most highly decorated and accomplished female basketball players in history, Swin Cash. From the University of Connecticut, to the WNBA, to the Olympics, she has seen success at the highest levels of competition.

But she’s been met with adversity as well.  Like the time she didn’t make the USA Olympic Basketball Team in 2008.

Olympic Adversity Swin Cash Interview with Rob Wilson

In this episode here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Character traits she attributes to her success
  • Where her desire and motivation comes from
  • How she dealt with not making Team USA in 2008
  • The importance of having a strong team
  • What her plans are for leaving a legacy
  • And much more!

Advice From Swin

  • Face your adversity head on, don’t run from it
  • Focus on your strengths, get help with your weaknesses
  • Take inspiration from others, but be the best you

Items mentioned in this episode include: 

Bonus: Here’s a behind the scenes pic of Swin and I right after we finished the interview.

Rob Wilson and Swin Cash

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Question: What’s YOUR strategy for handling adversity?

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