M&S 012: Sean Croxton on Improving Health and Building Wealth



I’m often shocked at how little we are taught about two of the most important things in our lives, health and wealth. So, to play my small part in alleviating that problem, I’m excited to bring someone to you that can discuss both of those topics with great expertise, Sean Croxton.

Sean is a health expert with a tremendous following on Youtube and Twitter, and he also has a top rated podcast on BlogTalkRadio and iTunes.

Sean’s passion for health led him to study kinesiology at San Diego State, and to start a career as a personal trainer after graduation.

While working as a personal trainer he had two big major revelations. The first was that most of the information being spread about how to live a health lifestyle was wrong, and he set out to correct those misconceptions.  Secondly, he realized that trading time for dollars wasn’t the most efficient, or enjoyable, way to get his message out and to help as many people as he possibly could, so he made a decision to learn more about doing business online.

Sean started creating videos on Youtube and has built a channel with more than 60,000 subscribers and more than 3 million views. He also has 40,000 likes on Facebook and 20,000 followers on Twitter.

He’s written an ebook on health that is used in college courses, and he’s sold 100s of thousands of dollars in products on health and online business.

Sean-Croxton Health and Wealth interview with Rob Wilson Movers and Shakers


In this episode of Movers & Shakers here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Why the food pyramid should be called the food lobby pyramid
  • Why the “calories in- calories out” method doesn’t help you keep weight off
  • What really makes you fat and why eating meat is ok
  • How he started from nothing and built a huge following on Youtube
  • How he overcame the mental blocks that held him back from starting his business
  • How he sold $300,000 worth of products to his fan base
  • And much more!

Advice from Sean Croxton

  • You’re going to suck at first.  But be consistent and you will get better.
  • Don’t worry about your “haters”. Don’t let a small minority of people keep you from helping many more.
  • If you have  advice that could change someone’s life and you don’t share it because you’re afraid, you’re kind of a jerk.

Here’s the Video Version

Items mentioned in this episode include: 

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Action Item: Get over your fear of getting your feelings hurt.

Pick the best piece of advice you’ve ever given someone and put it out there to your community.  See what happens.

Make sure you have 3 supporting pieces of evidence on why someone should follow your advice. You’ll find that it’s not as bad as your think, and if you have those 3 well researched pieces of evidence, you’ll be able to handle any “haters” and the fear of putting yourself out there should go away.

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