The Tax Man Cometh! (again)

Swizz Beatz Owes $2.2 Million In Back Taxes

Seriously, I’m opening up an office in NY or ATL and I’ll make it my personal mission to make sure that these guys stay out of trouble like this (and out of the tabloids)!

According to reports, SB owes $2.2 million in back taxes to the state of NY.

What’s owed:

  • The IRS filed a $652,727 lien against Swizz Beatz, real name Kasseem Dean, on June 3 with the Rockland County (N.Y.) Clerk. According to the lien, which you can see here, he owes income taxes from 2008.
  • The state of New York filed a $162,300 tax warrant against Dean and his ex-wife Feb. 4, 2009, with the New York County Clerk.
  • The IRS filed a $556,986 lien against Dean and his ex-wife on Aug. 18, 2008, in Rockland County. They owe 2007 income taxes, according to this public record.
  • The IRS filed an $842,645 lien against Dean and his ex-wife March 4, 2008, with the Somerset County (N.J.) Clerk. According to this lien, they owe income taxes from 2006.
I’m thinking that Alicia might want this cleared up before the wedding.
Now, anyone know a good realtor in Buckhead?

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