Financial Lessons Learned for 2013 #MoneyMonday



Have You Learned Your Lesson?

There were a number of significant events that impacted our wallets in 2013.  Here are some of the lessons that we take with us into the new year.

      1.  Diversify Your Income – The bankruptcy filing by the City of Detroit shows how dangerous it can be to rely on one employer for your entire financial future. Don’t put all of your retirement eggs in one basket.
      2. Get Comfortable With Investing – All of the major stock market indices are up more than 25% this year.  Now more than ever, you are responsible for your own retirement. You must learn how to manage and grow your assets.
      3. Commit to Lifelong Learning – You must continuously reinvent yourself to keep pace with technology and the changing economy.  As Blockbuster and Blackberry if they wished they had done the same.
      4. Take Your Health Seriously – The Obamacare rollout, and its problems, highlight just how big of a deal health care is. The thing is, 75% of healthcare expenditures are largely preventable.  Take care of your health and you will lower your costs and increase your earning potential.
      5. You Are Not Invincible – Unfortunate events can happen at any time.  Make sure that your life insurance and your important documents are in order.

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