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Talking Trump and Stock Market Volatility with Smerconish on CNN

The President has pegged a lot of his success to the strength of the stock market? Yet, the stock market hasn’t been so strong lately. Now what? Though the stock market has been very strong since it bottomed in 2009, (the Dow nearly tripled under President Obama and the Nasdaq nearly quadrupled), the market has [...]

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Time is Money – A Rob Wilson Original Short Film

Time is money. The sooner you acknowledge that, the sooner you’ll begin spending it wisely. The only thing that kills me as much as watching someone wasting their money, is watching them waste their time. See, if you go out and waste a dollar, you can work hard and make it back 10 times. But [...]

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Talking Trump, Tariffs and the Economy on CNN Newsroom

The President plans to levy tariffs on steel and aluminum, even though tariffs have previously been proven ineffective. So what’s really going on? Look, there is perhaps no other place that has been hit harder by the decline of the steel industry than Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas. And to be clear, I’m as Pittsburgh [...]


Talking ‘Brexit’ on CNN Newsroom

You may have never been to the UK, but what just happened there is affecting your money Brexit. Hopefully the first time you heard that word wasn’t last Friday when the Dow Jones tanked by 600 points and it suddenly dawned on you that your 401k was dropping too. Just in case you still haven’t heard the word, [...]


How to Make More Money This Year

Your Lattes Aren’t The Problem. It’s Time to Make More Money. It happens like clockwork. Every year around this time your inbox starts to get inundated with advice from the so-called financial “gurus” telling you that if you want to improve your financial like you need to do things like: Stop going out to eat [...]


Rob Wilson and 9 Year NFL Veteran Shawntae Spencer Discuss Athletes and Money

In part one of our interview at the NBC Pittsburgh studio with my client, former Pitt Panthers, San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders cornerback Shawntae Spencer, we discuss professional athletes and the challenges they have with their money. Here are some of his thoughts: Going pro isn’t the end all be all While it’s true [...]