What To Do If You Hit the Mega Millions

The Mega Millions jackpot has hit a record $640 million dollars. Here’s what to do if you win.

Fact: One of my clients hit the lottery a few years ago, so I have experience working with lottery winners.

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MoneyMonday – Engineering Your Income

Looking to make a high salary?You would be smart to study STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering & Math). Here’s info on the highest earning majors and why you should pursue them, with an assist from Davita Colclough from the National Society of Black Engineers.

Terrell Owens Upset About Financial Problems


If you’ve ever wondered why I do what I do, here is a good example. Even superstars with Television shows are susceptible to financial problems.

It’s important to surround yourself with individuals that have your best interest in mind. Can’t get your advisor on the phone? Fire him immediately.

I’m Taking You to School!


Even if you’ve been out of school for quite some time, it’s good to hit the books every now and again. Here are a few timeless personal finance tips along with good books to drive those points home.

The Stock Market Drops It Like Its Hot


The recent ups and downs in the stock market would give even the best Snoop Dogg video dancer a run for her money.  Here’s how to make some sense of it.

Kids and Cash Live – Financial Literacy Month

Theories are great, but sometimes you have to show kids how things work in real life.

Watch as I talk about how to teach kids about money, with a special highlight on the students from Urban Pathways Charter School that shadowed me for a day to learn more about money and career options.

Special thanks to the Heinz Endowments and PNC Bank for supporting the program!