How to Keep Your Holiday Spending in Check #MoneyMonday



How Much Will You Spend This Year?

Merry Christmas can turn in to Bah Humbug very quickly if you go overboard with your holiday gift giving.

Here are tips to help you keep your spending budget in check during this holiday shopping season.

Can you think of a gift you’ve received that meant the world to you, but cost very little?

Leave your comment below and give us some gift ideas!

How to Overcome the Top 5 Financial Fears #MoneyMonday



What Are You Afraid Of?

Freddy Kreuger. Public speaking. There are a lot of things we can be afraid of, but money isn’t one of them.

Are you currently dealing with any of these fears?

1. Losing your job
2. Running out of money
3. Something happening to you
4. Caring for your parents
5. Failure

Watch this week’s episode of #MoneyMonday to find out how to face and ultimately overcome these fears.

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MoneyMonday – 5 Ways to Improve Your Finances This Week

Stop procrastinating! The time to finally change your finances is now!

Here are 5 things you can do THIS WEEK, to change your financial picture for the better.

Let me help you improve your financial life in 2013 by joining my Financial Personal Training program at

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MoneyMonday – What Do You Get the Person that WANTS Everything…A Financial Plan!

The holiday season is here again and it’s time to figure out what to get for those important people on your list.  I know it can be difficult to come up with gift ideas for the person that has everything.  It’s even harder to come up with ideas for the person that WANTS everything (that won’t break the bank of course).  This year, get them something that they both desperately need, but probably won’t buy for themselves….a financial plan!

To help those financially challenged people on your list, I’ve developed a new wealth building membership program called Financial Personal Training. It’s like working with a personal trainer at your gym, but for your financial health. A P90X workout program for your wallet, so-to-speak.

Think about it: Do you know anyone (including yourself) that has been trying to get any of the to-do items below done, but needs some quality advice and guidance to finally do so?

If so, then Financial Personal Training is for them (or you)!

“What do you get for the person that wants everything?…A financial plan!” – Rob Wilson

As a member in the program, you’ll receive access to exclusive monthly training webinars where we’ll discuss important financial topics with ample time for Q&A.  Each member receives a private monthly coaching session where I’ll work with you on your specific financial goals and aspirations, such as those listed above.  That’s only the beginning!  For a complete list of benefits, check out the program website at

Normally, the monthly investment for a life changing program like this would be fairly expensive.  But because I appreciate you guys so much for joining me on this wealth building journey, I’ve set the normal price at the level of $97/month.

But wait there’s more!

Since it’s the holiday season, and I know how much you love those Black Friday deals, I’m offering the first three months of the program at an astonishingly low  $49/month! And, so that no one get’s hurt rushing through the virtual doors, I’m giving you until the end of Cyber Monday to secure your spot in the program at this discount.  However, just like the $99 televisions at Wal-Mart, there are only a limited number of spots available, so don’t treat this like homework and wait until the last minute.

MoneyMonday – Invest Like a Lady, Spend Like a Man

In his book and new movie, Steve Harvey tells women that they should “Act Like a Lady, Think Like A Man.”

Here’s my take on the topic when it comes to your money. Most of us should Invest Like a Lady, Spend Like A Man.” Check the video to find out why!

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Gifts That Keep on Giving


Enough with the bad ties, sweaters and fruit cakes already!  This holiday season why not give a few smart financial gifts to your loved ones?  I promise you these won’t be re-gifted!

Luxury For Less


The Sex and the City 2 movie has women everywhere going crazy over fashion, cars and exotic locations. Want to live the life of luxury like those girls without breaking the bank? Here’s how:

If you’d like your exclusive invitation to the sites mentioned in the segment, here you go!