My ESPN 30 for 30 Rebuttal: How NOT to Go ‘Broke’

Here’s my interview with Mia Jackson from the podcast Game Ready Moms, a show which helps parents of potential and current professional athletes navigate the process.

In this segment, we discuss the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary ‘Broke’ and I reveal so very practical strategies that pro athletes can use to avoid starring in the sequel.

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Why Should Rappers Have All the Fun?

So, you guys already know that I work as a financial advisor to professional athletes and entertainers.  I really enjoy what I do, but sometimes, it has unintended consequences.

I speak to lots of kids, and when they find out what I do, all of their concern and attention shifts to “Wow, how much money does [that celebrity] make?” or “What kind of car do they drive?” or “I bet [that celebrity] has a HUGE crib, right?” Now, all of those things are valid questions, especially given that TV has conditioned us to be enamored with the “lifestyles of the rich and famous.” But, focusing on the lives of prominent athletes and entertainers can give our kids an incomplete perception of what success really looks like.  Even worse, it may lead them to believe that if they can’t rap, act, sing, dance, or shoot a basketball, then they may not be able to live the type of life that they desperately want to live.

I mean, these kids can’t really think that “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta”, “UnReal Housewives of Blah Blah Blah” or “Kim and Kourtney Take Acting Lessons” really tells the entire story…do they???

That’s when I had my epiphany.  I realized that as a financial advisor, I have also come into contact with, and have as clients, a plethora of doctors, lawyers, accountants, architects, business people and entrepreneurs that are living fabulous lives.  In fact, many of these individuals live lives that are far more enriching than a number of these celebrities, because of the fact that, due to their inability to manage their money, the average celebrity’s “high life” is short lived.  However, the stories of these wildly successful “non-celebrities” has largely gone untold…until now.

Enter “The Best Kept Secret.”  I’ve developed this online show to expose viewers to individuals that have become very successful in fields other than sports and entertainment.  And I mean REAL success.  Not the sort of “I’m on a reality show, so I will make it look like I’m rich, but my home is getting foreclosed on next week” type of (fake) success.  In the coming months, I’ll introduce you to and tell the stories of people that look like you, sound like you, came from where you came from and found a way to make it big.  I’ll also give you the blueprint so that you can do it to.

Check out the video above which sets the stage for why I decided to put this project together.  When you see the looks on the student’s faces, you’ll know why.  I’m also certain that you too, will enjoy learning how to get closer to living the life of your wildest dreams.

Because after all, why should rappers have all the fun?

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Special shoutout to @Emmai_Alaquiva, PNC Bank, the Heinz Endowments and Urban Pathways Charter School for getting this project off the ground!!!

Money. Power. Respect. Join me on July 19th!

Some financial “experts” out there really crack me up. Their idea of helping you get your financial house in order is to tell you to cut down on your Frappuccino addiction. While I’ll be the first to admit that many of us could use a little debit card discipline, you can only cut your budget so much before you’re back to eating ramen noodles again…and no one wants that for you. Your income, however, has no ceiling. the sky is the limit. Consider this your opportunity to start to master that side of the equation..

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Money – What is it, what it isn’t and how to make more of it

Power – How important your vote is, and how it affects your wallet

Respect – How setting and actually following up on your goals will help you get the life you desire

In addition, I want to hear from you! Send me a tweet @robwilsontv with your financial question and I’ll answer it at the event. If you prefer to remain anonymous, leave a comment below.

This will be a very entertaining and educational discussion that will inspire you to get that great idea out of your head and start making it a reality. Don’t worry, your latte is safe…for now.

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