March Money Madness in Black Enterprise!















March Money Madness made it to Black Enterprise.  Special thanks to Janell Hazelwood (@JPHazelwood) for covering the 2012 edition of the game.  Thanks to everyone that signed up and…Good Luck!

Here’s an excerpt:

What can people learn about investing from March Money Madness?

What’s great about the competition is that you can test out your hypotheses about what makes stock prices move in the real market, and this experience can help you become a better investor.

After playing the game, players should be able to:

—Read and understand stock market information in the newspaper (USA Today, local paper, etc)

—Know where to go to find information on the market (Black Enterprise, WSJ, Barrons, Smartmoney)

—Know how to research past stock prices (Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, Morningstar)

—Understand issues that affect stock prices (revenue, earnings announcements, interest rates, unemployment reports, etc.)

—Gain a comfort level with the movement of stocks in the market (less fear of investing)
Know where to go to open an brokerage account if they want to start investing.

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#MoneyMonday – Put Your #YoungMoney Where Your Mouth Is


Some people talk a lot about giving back, others just put their money where their mouth is and do it.

Young Money recording artist, and great client of mine, TYGA, put together the TYGA R.O.A.R. (Reach Out And Represent) Initiative as a way for him to give back to the communities in the cities that he is visiting while performing on the Chris Brown F.A.M.E. Tour.

As part of the R.O.A.R. campaign, select students that were recommended by their teachers were honored with a photo op and certificate of Achievement signed by TYGA, tickets to the FAME Tour Concert, and a voucher for 35 FREE college applications!

Check out this video, courtesy of Hip Hop On Lock and directed by Emmai Alaquiva, documenting TYGA and his visit to Pittsburgh.

Are YOU putting your money where your mouth is?

Luxury For Less


The Sex and the City 2 movie has women everywhere going crazy over fashion, cars and exotic locations. Want to live the life of luxury like those girls without breaking the bank? Here’s how:

If you’d like your exclusive invitation to the sites mentioned in the segment, here you go!

Black Eyed Freeze

Some of band’s corporations suspended and its manager sued for failure to file tax returns

I’ve got a feeling…..that this is another case of a “business manager” that doesn’t know what he is doing.

The Peas’ business manager says that his failure to file taxes for the band was “inadvertent.”  What?

Ok, let’s put it like this.  There is a place for a business manager in sports and entertainment.  I work with a number or pro athletes and entertainers, but since I am their financial advisor, I don’t promote concerts, book tours, or handle marketing deals.  A business manager can do that.  But when it comes to important financial issues such as taxes, investments, retirement or estate planning, there needs to be a professional involved that focuses on those important issues.  What good is it to make a client money on a marketing deal, only to have it reduced by penalties and other fees for not paying the proper taxes.

They come to Pittsburgh in March.  Perhaps I’ll show them how a real financial advisor takes care of his clients.

What Would MJ do?


Often, the media LOVES to point out the mistakes that celebrities make.  Although the situation continues to play out, it looks like Michael Jackson had a pretty solid estate plan in place.  You can learn something from MJ…in addition to the moon walk.

The King of Reality TV

Report: Ryan Seacrest to Be Richest Host on Reality TVRyan Seacrest Signs $45 Million ‘American Idol’ Deal

Reality is paying well these days.  And let’s not forget that he also hosts a radio show and E! News, AND is the Executive Producer of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ and ‘Denise Richards’ It’s Complicated’….Those contracts are just gravy!  Who said that Howard Stern is the King of All Media?????

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